Charlie Crane High Chair 

Charlie Crane
Charlie Crane High Chair

Charlie Crane High Chair 

Charlie Crane
Charlie Crane
TIBU Guard with safety harness
Table with Leather crotch
TIBU Safety Belt

Created by design duo Gaspard Tiné-Berès and Tristan Kopp from the Re-Do studio, the TIBU chair proudly displays its vintage finish inspired by 1950s French design. Its refined, minimalistic steel frame and bent wood gives it an air of both lightness and sturdiness.

TIBU conforms to the latest European safety rules issued in 2012 (EN14988+A1). TIBU's safety belt wraps around the child securely so that they are perfectly protected from any falls. All corners are curved and fingers can't be trapped in any joints.

TIBU is delivered with two types of ground pads. They are adapted to hard surfaces (wood floor, tiling), as well as soft surfaces (rug, carpet). This means that if the child pushes hard on the table before them, the chair slides on the floor.

All parts of the TIBU chair are made in the European Union. Final assembly and quality control are carried out in France.

Children can use TIBU from the age of 6 months (with the pair of adapted cushions available by request) and until 8 or more years of age: the base of the chair slides from the back to the front and the footrest can be moved into 5 different positions.

About the brand:
Charlie Crane is a designer French brand, which is an expert in combining childcare and designer furniture. Charlie Crane creates furniture for babies and children that is not only practical and comfortable, but also beautifully designed. You will be proud to show your Charlie Crane's furniture in your living room, or your baby's bedroom.
Charlie Crane collaborates with a new generation of French designers who pride themselves on incorporating a tradition of technical excellence in their work, drawing from multiple foreign influences, which inspire their designs. French and Scandinavian design of the 1950s and 1960s are sources of such artistic inspiration.
In this way, the first Charlie Crane products (the LEVO baby rocker and the NOGA changing table) were designed by two designers trained at the École Boule: Erick Demeyer and Steven Leprizé who met at the ARCA design agency. The TIBU chair was designed by Gaspard Tiné-Berès and Tristan Kopp from the Re-Do studio.
Concerning materials, Charlie Crane uses only the finest natural products. For example, bent wood allows us to sculpt complex forms and give a soft, flowing roundness to our designs, perfect for the needs of both parent and baby. With the TIBU chair, the bent metal tube gives the design its unique appearance. These materials symbolise their relationship with French industrial post-war design, and especially that of Jacques Hitier.

DimensionsHight Chair: 86 x 51 x 48 cm
Cushions: 36 x 27 x 6 cm (Lenght x Width x Height cm)
Material3/4 inch steel-pipe frame painted with bright epoxy paint
Backrest and belt: multi-layered birch-veneered European beech, matte varnish
Seat and footrest: multi-layered ceiba-veneered European beech, matte varnish
Weight10.5 kg
Delivery costFree delivery
Delivery time2-3 weeks