Personalised Bath Beach Towel 

Personalised Bath Beach Towel

Personalised Bath Beach Towel 

Silver outline

This towel is not only gorgeous and unique but also very practical, can be used as a bath towel or a beach towel This is a fantastic gift idea for your mum or your dad on their birthday, and original and practical Mother's day gift and Father's day gift. High quality guaranteed in 100% cotton, this beautiful towel is gentle on your skin. Absorbent, it dries quickly and efficiently.


Machine washable at 30°C.


Please note that each product is 100% handmade in France, designed, personalised and made to order for each customer, according to sizes, colours, fabrics and patterns chosen, for this reason they are not returnable or exchangeable. The pattern design will always be unique, no other exactly the same will be made, design can differ from picture.

Dimensions100 x 150 cm (Lenght x Width x Height cm)
Material100% Cotton
Weight0.65 kg
Delivery costFree delivery
Delivery timeup to 3 weeks
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